Jaguar E-Pace

After the big success of Jaguar’s first crossover SUV type vehicle, Jaguar Land Rover have introduced the E-Pace. Its entry price is just under £30,000 with an OTR price from £28,500. However, you could be looking at a starting price of up to £47,800 for the First Edition – with a high insurance quote too. Despite the name E-Pace, it isn’t an electric car and comes with a range of turbocharged engines including both petrol and diesel, with options of all wheel drive or just front wheel drive. The front wheel drive option is possible as it sits on sister company Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque base.


The X range has been a long established member of the British SUV market. However, Audi brought out something bigger in the form of the Q7 and now BMW are finally responding with their own larger SUV, the X7. Not much is known about BMW’s next SUV, only that it will offer more room than the BMW X range models, like the BMW X5. Its starting price is expected to be around the £55,000 mark, however you can get an Audi Q7 from just over £50,000 so that figure might be nearer. With a price that high you definitely won’t be asking: Why do I need car insurance?

Renault Alaskan

The French company are jumping on the 4x4 double-cab pick-ups by taking the Navara NP300 from manufacturing partner Nissan and adding a bit of Renault styling, and of course that infamous diamond Renault badge. If you opt to get a Renault Alaskan you will essentially be getting a Nissan Navara but for a few grand cheaper as the starting price of the Renault Alaskan should be around the £20,000 mark (or just under it at the least). This makes the Renault Alaskan an attractive option for someone wanting a double-cab 4x4 pick up, and the low purchase price probably means a reasonable quote for insurance too.

Toyota Supra

It might not technically be a new car but it might as well be as we haven’t had a new Toyota Supra since 2002. Reviving old classics has become a common theme, and most have been well received such as the Fiat 500 and Volkswagen Scirocco – and we expect the Supra, which will utilise the platform of the BMW Z4, to be a big hit too. However, unlike the Fiat 500 and Volkswagen Scirocco, it might not be a popular sight on United Kingdom roads due to the eye-watering estimated £50,000 price tag which means Car insurance might be high, so expect a high quote if you opt for this car.

Alpine A110

Another revived car, this time from Alpine, however it has been a good 40 years since you have been able to buy a brand new Alpine A110. Powering the iconic French car will be a 1.8 litre four cylinder turbo engine which will produce 249 bhp. This will allow the Alpine A110 to go from zero mph to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds with the ability to reach up to 150mph. Its expected price is high, with the same price as the Supra at £50,000 and probably another high insurance quote, but it may be the type of car that helps answer the question: Who needs car insurance?


It looks like 2018 is going to be a good year for petrol heads in the market for a new motor, with plenty of new options to choose from, especially if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket - which you will probably need if you want to afford some of the cars we have discussed. We have noticed quite a trend here, with SUVs and crossover vehicles still going strong as the likes of BMW and Jaguar extended their SUV/crossover ranges. Of course, we have also seen the reintroduction of iconic cars that will be exciting for their drivers.